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How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Quickly

Amazon is a popular company that sells a variety of things from groceries to clothing, shoes, household items. You name it and you can probably find it on Amazon. That’s why many people want to shop on the Amazon website and often seek to buy Amazon gift cards. Did you know that you can shop on Amazon for FREE?  Yes, you read correctly. Even if you don’t have money, I’m going to teach you how to get free Amazon gift cards quickly so you can make your next Amazon purchase. 


Ways To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

You can get Amazon gift cards simply by doing online tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, downloading apps, and scanning receipts. These are things that we do anyways while online so why not get compensated for it with free Amazon gift cards. These tasks are typically available on many GPT sites (get paid to sites) and also on apps. 


Sites and Apps For Quick Amazon Gift Cards

Crowd tap is an app (there’s also a website) that pays in points for answering questions and giving your opinion. There are almost always questions to answer, so it’s easy to accumulate points. Also, I like that the payout threshold is 1000 points which is easy to reach. At 1000 points you can redeem a $5 Amazon gift card. There are other gift cards available as well.


Dabbl is a fun app that gives a generous amount of points for watching videos ads ( my preferred way to earn points). You can also do surveys. It’s really easy to reach the minimum payout which is 5000 points; that’s equivalent to $5. You can redeem your points for an Amazon gift card amongst other available gift cards.

Quick thoughts is a new app that I’m liking because it’s been easy for me to qualify for their $1 surveys which adds up quickly. They do not have a point system. You’ll just see your earnings in dollars.  I’m at $5 but you’ll need to reach $10 before redeeming for a free Amazon gift card. It shouldn’t take long if you try the $1 surveys.

InstaGC is another gpt site I’ve mentioned before from my previous post How To Make a $100 In A Week Online. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend it because there are so many tasks, surveys, and offers available. It’s easy to accumulate enough points to redeem for an Amazon gift card. 

Grab points is one of my favorite gpt site because you can accumulate points fairly quickly by doing their $1 surveys. I recommend doing the Your Surveys. It used to be that you can redeem at $3 but now you need to earn $5 worth of points which is 5000 points before you can redeem. There are so many gift cards available including Amazon gift cards. 

Ibotta is another app that can get you money quickly if you shop for brand-name groceries often. I recommend this app in one of my previous posts,  How to Save The Most On Groceries By Using Coupons. Once you’ve earned $20 cash back, you can redeem it for Paypal or an Amazon gift card.

These are my favorite sites and apps that I recommend to get free Amazon gift cards quickly. Keep in mind to earn quickly, you may need to be consistent and try the different tasks to accumulate your points or money quickly so that you can redeem for a free Amazon gift card.

Have you tried any of these sources for Amazon gift cards? What sites do you recommend to get free Amazon gift cards? Please comment down below.




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