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5 Ways To Save Money On Laundry

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Doing laundry can be costly, whether it’s done at home or at a laundry mat. If you’re doing laundry at home it’s convenient because you have no travel cost to the laundry mat but you still have to spend money on laundry cleaning products. And If you go out for laundry, you’ll also have to pay for detergent plus the cost of traveling to the laundromat. Thankfully, there are ways to cut the cost. Here are 5 ways to save money on laundry.


Get The Couponing

Laundry detergents are better off buying at dollar stores like Family Dollar and Dollar General. These stores are amazing for saving a lot of money on brand-named detergents and fabric softeners. They usually have a promotion that goes on a few times a month where you get $5 dollars off for spending $25. To really save, you need to use digital coupons that are available on their website and or mobile app during their promotions. Look for coupons for detergent and other laundry cleaning products on the app.

Once you have these coupons saved, make sure to pick up the products that correspond with the coupons. Often these products are already on sale, so that’s extra savings. For the 5 for $25 deal, make sure all your items total up to $25. You can choose to pick only laundry products or mix them with any other item that you need. But if you’re really trying to save money on laundry, pick up only detergent and other cleaning products that you can find a digital coupon for on the app.

$5 Off $25 Scenario:

Let’s say you purchase 8 laundry products for a total of $25 and use $10 worth of digital coupons. You’ll qualify for the $5 off plus the $10 coupons that are reducing $15 off your total cost. Your total payout of pocket would be just $10. That means you paid only $1.25 per product. That’s an amazing deal! If you want to learn the basics of couponing, check out my blog post on How To Save The Most On Groceries By Using Coupons.


Use A Portable Washing Machine and Dryer

If you don’t have space for a regular washing machine and dryer or just can’t afford it, Buying a portable washing machine is significantly less expensive and can really save you money because you’re not having to pay to wash and dry your clothes at a laundry mat. 


Buy A Drying Rack

Another thing that can be costly is drying your clothes in a dryer. If you’re not in a hurry to get your clothes dried, skip the dryer and let your clothes air dry on a drying rack. You’ll save money on electricity and if you normally go to the laundry mat, you’ll save money too and you won’t have to travel to the laundry mat.

Heavy Duty Gullwing Drying Rack


Wash Less Often

Instead of washing your clothes every week why not try washing once or twice a month. Doing this will reduce the amount of time you’re using your washing machine at home and will save you money on electricity. If you’re washing your clothes outside the home then you’ll be spending less money on washing at the laundry mat.


Wash By Hand

If you have a piece of garment like a blouse, a shirt, a skirt, or even a dress that needs cleaning, instead of washing it in a washing machine why not try washing it by hand. The benefit of doing that of course is to save money. There’s no need to use your washing machine and dryer just to wash and dry one or two pieces of clothing. Just wash it by hand and then let it air dry on a drying rack.

Doing laundry doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money if you use, at least, one of the 5 laundry tips that I mentioned. Do you already use any of these tips? How do you save money on laundry?

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