6 things to do to be productive daily
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6 Things You Should Do To Be Productive Daily

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There’s always so much to do every day. If you’re a mother and wife like me, our to-do list may seem endless and can quite honestly be overwhelming.  When you have so much to do and don’t get anything much accomplished for that day, it may leave you feeling discouraged and unproductive. Here are 6 things you should do to be productive daily.

Sleep Early

Sleeping early is the most important out of the 6 things you can do to be productive daily. If you start your day off tired and sleepy, you’re already going against productivity. To be productive you need energy and sleeping early, the night before, can give you the energy to push through the next day. It is best to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep. If you have small children, I know the struggle,  it may be hard to sleep early but as soon as the kiddos go to bed try to not stay up too late.

Have A To-Do List

Because there’s so much to do in a day, it can be a challenge to remember all that you need to do. A to-do list is so helpful because it can help you 1) remember what needs to be done, 2)make you accountable for the things you have to do, and 3) will motivate you to get it done. Write all that you wish to do down on a notepad or a Daily To-Do List Planner. If you prefer, you can also download a note app on your phone. When writing a list, prioritize from most important to least important and try to focus on getting the most important thing done first.  Another way to go about it is by writing down the easiest to the most difficult thing that needs to be done. Completing the easiest thing first will help you feel productive and motivate you to complete the other things on your list.


Make A Schedule

Another helpful step to take to being productive is to make a schedule. Maybe you have other things to do that are not on your to-do list that are a must. Like having to go to work or take the kids to school. A schedule will make it easier to see what time of the day you can work on your to-do list. If you work from 8 am – 3 pm, you can schedule to work on your to-do list from 4 pm -6 pm.  Or perhaps there’s a day in the week that you’ll have more time to complete your to-do list, like on the weekend.

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Time Yourself

The timer in your phone is a tool that can help you get as much as possible done in a preferred time frame. Let’s say you have only 1 hour to work on your to-do list. Set your timer on for 1 hour and see how much you can get done in that hour. You’ll be surprised to see how many things you’ve done. You may even exceed the number of things you thought you could’ve gotten done. This is my favorite tool for being productive.


Put Away Distractions

Distractions can come from the television, the radio, and even from your phone. Put your phone on vibration and try to focus on the first thing on your to-do list.  If you can’t put your phone off, try to not pick up every call or answer every notification.  Maybe you live with other people, inform them of what you’re doing so that they don’t interrupt you. Do your best to keep distractions away and you’ll be more productive.

Be Reasonable

Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves because we didn’t get as much done but we need to celebrate our accomplishments even when they’re small. Did you get two to three things done from your list? That’s way better than getting nothing done. Be happy and thrive to finish your to-do list the next day.  Over-stressing will not help you be productive but it will keep you in an overwhelmed and unaccomplished state. So my advice is to take life a day at a time and don’t give up on your goals.


Have you ever tried any one of these 6 tips? What do you do to be productive daily?

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