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How To Easily Get Paid For Shopping

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 If you clicked this post, then you probably are looking for a way to get paid for shopping. Getting paid to shop may sound too easy to be legit but it’s not a scam. This is possible with an app called Fetch Rewards.

What is Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a cool app that I discovered on the Google play store. I’m happy to have found this app because it’s so easy to earn money. Fetch Rewards basically pays you to scan your receipts.  They pay in points that can be redeemed for gift cards. Another thing I like about this app is that there are so many gift cards available. My favorite one is the Visa gift card. To redeem, you’ll need to accumulate a minimum of 3000 points which is equivalent to $3 dollars.

Get Paid Faster

Each time you scan a receipt you’ll earn 25 points instantly but to earn much faster, here are some things you can do: 1)  be consistent with scanning all your receipts, 2) purchase their recommended products and brands like Huggies diapers for example.  At the moment of writing this post, they’re giving 3000 points for purchasing Huggies diapers from Target. 3) make sure you’re reading their emails. Periodically, they’ll send an email to give out free points just for scanning a receipt.  For example, I received an email recently to scan my receipt and I instantly received 300 points.

Let Others Know

Sharing is caring and also can get you more money through the Fetch Rewards app. Let other people know about this app. Share it with your family members, close friends, and even with your social media followers if you use social media. I’m sure they would like to try an app that would pay them just to scan their receipts. When you refer other people to this app, you can earn 3000 points or $2 and they can also earn 2000 points. They’ll only need to get 1,000 points to get their first cash out at $3. It’s a win-win! With that said, I’m hoping by sharing this information, you’ll click my referral link and we all can earn.

Ask For Receipts

If you haven’t shopped in a while and don’t have any receipts to scan ask family members and friends for receipts that they don’t want. Also when you do shop people may leave unwanted receipts on the floor or even in an empty shopping cart, you can take these receipts to scan and get paid.

Check out my video review on Fetch Rewards here!



 Shop Online

On the Fetch Rewards app, you can connect your email address or your Amazon account. If you connect your Amazon account, each time you shop from Amazon, you’ll receive points. But if you choose to connect your email address you’ll also receive points by shopping online from retailers like Walmart, Target, Shipt, Instacart, Costco, Sam’s club, Peapod, Jet, and Boxed. So you can earn gift cards not only for shopping in stores but also for shopping online.

As you can see, it is easy to get paid for shopping through Fetch Rewards. Start getting money for your groceries and other household items by downloading the Fetch Rewards app. If you’re interested in other money-related content, be sure to read my post on How To Make $100 in A Week Online and  How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Quickly.


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