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How To Get Kids Clothes For Cheap

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If you’re a mother, you’ll agree that children grow fast. From the newborn stage to the toddler stage, they’re consistently growing out of their clothes. What fits this month may not fit next month. Keeping up with shopping for clothes can be costly but it doesn’t have to be if you know how to get clothes for cheap. The following tips can save you a lot of money.


Shop Using Apps

You can find affordable clothes for kids from second hand apps like Kidizen, Mercari, and Poshmark. Some sellers even sell clothes in bundles so you’re getting clothes for super cheap.


In-Store Thrifting

You can thrift shop through the apps I mentioned above or save big on kid’s clothes at in-store thrift stores like Goodwill, Savers, Once upon a time, or at your local thrift store. Goodwill has dollar days, so you can get kids’ clothes for $1 a piece.


Hand Me Downs

If you have older kids, you can save some of their clothes to hand down to your younger kids. If you don’t have older kids maybe family members or friends with can pass down clothes their children no longer wear to you. 


Don’t Overbuy

As I already mentioned, children outgrow their clothes pretty quickly, so don’t overbuy clothes. You can buy a few outfits for  indoor, outdoor and special occasions every two to three months. 


Shop Sales, Clearance and Coupon

Buy clothes that are only on sale or that are on clearance. If you’re shopping online, look for the clearance and sale links. Another way to look for deals online is to sort prices from low to high. Look for coupon codes online on websites like rakuten and retailmenot 



Shop Inexpensive Stores

Stores like Walmart, Kohls, Target, and Old Navy often have children’s clothes that are very inexpensive. You can find clothing for under $5. Be sure to always check the clearance section whether you shopping at these stores online or in-store.


Shop at the Dollar Stores

Don’t overlook dollar stores like Family Dollar and Dollar General. You can find inexpensive good quality clothes in their clothes section for babies and toddlers. Their prices range from $5-$15.


I hope you find the above suggestions helpful. How do you save money on kid’s clothes? Have you tried any of the things I mentioned?

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