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How To Make $10 Daily

Are you wondering how to make $10 daily? Maybe you need $10 a day to be able to pay for your daily breakfast and lunch stops, to pay for groceries, personal care items, or to have enough money to pay for a bill. No matter what the reason is, it is possible to make $10 a day with these sites mentioned below. 







Sites To Earn $10 Daily

Earnably is a GPT site that pays users for taking surveys, doing offers, and downloading apps. It’s like another popular website Swagbucks but I feel like it’s better. I recommend just sticking to the surveys, particularly, peanut lab surveys. The good thing about this website is there is no minimum amount to cash out. You can request payment and receive it the same day via PayPal.


Opinion Outpost is a survey website. Every 10-point we earned is equal to  $1. So when you reach 100 points that’s equivalent to $10 and you can cash out for PayPal. I suggest sticking to the 10-point surveys but sometimes you have to do the lower point surveys to reach $10 for the day.


Prolific is another survey website. It is one of my favorite because there’s usually a good amount of surveys there to do every day and you do not get disqualified from surveys. As soon as you’re paid for the surveys you can cash them out to PayPal and receive it in a few minutes.


Amazon Mturk is another microtask website where you can get paid to do various types of microtasks such as surveys, writing, editing, transcription and the list goes on. You can get paid anywhere from a few cents to 5 to $10. So this is a great website to make $10 a day. If you’re consistent throughout the day or throughout the week you can make more than $10 a day. They pay 1-3 business days to your bank account.

InstaGC is a GPT site that is getting paid to do surveys, offers, and watch videos. I usually recommend just doing the surveys and you can earn a good amount of points and redeem them for various gift cards. You can also request the money to go to your bank or PayPal. The great thing about instagc is that you instantly get your money If it’s not your first time requesting payment. For first-time requests, It takes one to seven business days to receive your money in your PayPal.


Qmee is one of my favorite websites for taking surveys because the surveys are usually worth close to a dollar or more. There are surveys that are worth less than a dollar but if you focus on the ones that are $1 or more, you can easily make $10 a day. Qmee pays instantly to PayPal and there’s no minimum to cash out.

AttaPoll is another website similar to Qmee. I get paid to do surveys and you can cash out to your PayPal and receive it instantly. I do find that I’m disqualified from surveys more than Qmee and pays a little less for surveys. But it’s another site that can help you make $10 a day.

Survey Junkie is another survey website to make $10 a day. It’s not my favorite but it does pay.  I find that the pay is low at times and takes a little while to accumulate enough to cash out. You can cash out as soon as you reach $5 but if you’re consistent with this site, you can make $10 a day or combine it with the other sites I mention in this post. They pay through PayPal.


Ibotta is an app that gives cash back for purchasing grocery items. The app will give you cashback to shop for groceries such as eggs, milk, cereal, and so forth. Before you go shopping check out the Ibotta app and see what you can get cashback for. As soon as you reach $20 you can request a payout to PayPal.

JustPlay is a fun app that I recently discovered. You can make $1 – $4 on the app depending on how consistent you are. Here’s a post I wrote about this appHow To Get Paid To Watch Videos.

Quick Thoughts is an app that pays to do surveys. The surveys are usually worth a dollar so if you do several surveys throughout the day it will be pretty easy to make $10 for the day. The only con about this site is that you can be disqualified for the survey but if you’re persistent you will find that you qualify for a few of the surveys. You can only get an Apple, iTunes, or an Amazon gift card. I usually just go for the Amazon gift card.

Crowdtap is one of my favorite websites to earn Amazon gift cards.  It’s pretty easy to earn points with them and your answers are never disqualified. I go for their Amazon gift card but they have plenty to choose from.


Prize Rebel is a website that you can earn points for various activities such as surveys, watching videos, and offers. Each point is equal to $0.01. So 500 points is equal to $5. You can get an Amazon gift card or you can get PayPal. There are a plethora of other gift cards you can get from popular stores. You can cash out at $5.


Mobee is great for those who like to do mystery shopping. It’s an app that pays you to go to stores and inspect and take pictures and answer questions. It’s a fun app. You can make $10 a day if you do multiple projects on the app. You can get visa gift cards and other gift cards from different stores. I’m just really interested in the visa gift card.


Gigwalks is another website just like Mobee mentioned above That pays to inspect a store and answer questions. And you may have to take pictures or video record. Gigs usually pay $10 so it’s not bad and you can make $10 a day with this app if there are projects available in your area.


I tried all these websites mentioned above and you can make $10 a day on each of those websites but it does take consistency. You will probably have to do several surveys to have enough to redeem for $10 on some of the websites or combine earnings from a few of the sites mentioned above to reach your daily $10.

Here’s A Bonus


Product Tube is like mystery shopping. They have projects to go into stores and record a video and ask her questions. Usually, you don’t have to buy the products at the store but make sure to follow the guidelines. I’ve recently started using this app and I’m liking it. Their project usually starts at $10 so if you get accepted to one and they approve your project you can make $10. They don’t pay the same day but I thought it was worth mentioning because if you do a few projects throughout the week you can make enough to make $10 a day. They pay with Amazon gift cards.


My Fav From The Bunch


My favorite from the bunch would have to be prolific and Qmee. Prolific surveys almost always pay without being disqualified and payment goes to PayPal. Qmee, although you can get disqualified for surveys, pays close to a dollar for their surveys so when you do qualify it’s easy to make $10 in a day.


Have you tried any of these websites? Have you gotten paid?


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