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How To Survive Being A Mom Of New Born Twins

So you’re going to be a new mom of twins. So exciting! Congratulations twice! As beautiful as the thought of holding your two precious babies is there’s no doubt that you are also thinking about how you’re going to manage two newborn babies at the same time.

Maybe you’re thinking about how you’re going to handle both babies crying at the same time or needing a diaper change at the same time or needing to be fed at the same time. All these thoughts can be overwhelming.


As a mom of twins, I can tell you that having twins is a beautiful thing but it comes along with challenges but I’ve learned a few things that helped me survive that newborn stage and also some things that I wish I  implemented which would have facilitated my life.



Get Assistance

This may be a no-brainer but you will need help especially when you first come home  You’re going to be exhausted from giving birth and you’ll need to rest. That is why it’s important to have someone assist you. 

Have them help you with preparing bottles, changing diapers, and cleaning your home. They can even help with doing laundry. 


Your assistant can be a spouse but if you’re a single mother maybe you can have some close friends or family members stay with you the first few weeks or the first month after giving birth. I was fortunate enough to have a spouse and my mother and also caring friends to help.


Nap While You’re Babies Nap

After your twins arrive, you’re probably going to be sleeping a lot less than prior especially if your twins do not sleep at the same time. But take advantage of the times that they do sleep at the same time. During their naps instead of trying to get things done try to nap so that you can have the energy to take care of them. If the twins are not sleeping at the same time, have a close friend or family member watch the baby that’s awake.


Prepare Simple Meals

With twins, you’ll have your hands full and may forget to even eat at times. Or you maybe too tired to prepare something. One thing that can help is to make meals that are simple and don’t require too much time to prepare. Another thing that you can do is to cook your food in batches ahead of time and put them in the freezer so when you’re hungry all you have to do is put it in the microwave. Read my blog post for Simple Meal Ideas.


Baby bottle holder
Baby Bottle Holder




Buy a baby bottle holder. That’s one gadget I wish I discovered much sooner. When I finally discovered this thing existed, just by googling it, I was thrilled! The baby bottle holder really helped me when I couldn’t feed my babies both at the same time. Some parents may not think it’s safe to use a baby bottle holder but I used it and my babies were fine. Please use it at your discretion. I’m only making suggestions that may be of help to you.

Another thing you may want to get for your babies is a baby cam. It’s gives a feeling of security knowing that your baby is safe when you’re not in the same room as them. I did finally get a baby cam but wish I got one much sooner.

Baby cam
Baby Camera




Another thing that I wish I purchased was a automatic baby rocker swing chair. Instead I accidentally purchased a manual rocker swing chair I had to manually rock back and forth. I had to rock two chairs at the same time. Save yourself the headache and get the automatic rocker swing chair for your babies. They’ll love it and your hands will be free to do other mommy tasks. Like prepare a bottle.

Baby rocker swing
Baby Rocker Swing


The next gadget I suggest is a baby bottle warmer. I can’t count how many times during the night I had to wake up all drowsy to warm up formula for my twins. I wish I had a baby bottle warmer that would warm the formula in an instant but I never thought of buying one. And I never did but wish I had tried it. I recommend putting this in your baby registry. Be sure to read the reviews before you pick a specific brand. You’ll think me later.


Baby bottle warmer
Baby Bottle Warmer



Get Out The House

As much as it’s important to be near your babies in the newborn stage, it is as important to get some space from them and concentrate on yourself. Something I did do from time to time. You need time for yourself to either sleep, pamper yourself or go out to eat. If you have a responsible family member like grandparents or a friend, ask them if they can watch your babies for a few hours or even for the day. If not, you can try to hire a babysitter for the day.  After catering to yourself, you’ll find that you’re refreshed,  energized, and ready to be a great mom for your twins.



These are my top five suggestions that can help you manage to be a mom of newborn twins. 


Leave a comment below. Let me know if you tried any of these suggestions if you are a mom of twins or even if you’re not a mom of twins but a mom of a single newborn baby.


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